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[Most Accurate] Wearable Bluetooth Thermometer for Kids

Covid-19 confirmed cases are internationally growing ever since March 2020. Even though children are proved less risky than elders who have certain chronic diseases, some parents still worries about their children’ health. They keep taking baby temperature in regular frequency, even at night. To be honest, a children thermometer that wearable are way convenient than those hand-held. 

In this article, ChildAngle are introducing different types of body temperature thermometer as well as the best baby temperature monitor that loved by many parents:


Part 1. Types and Comparisons of Body Temperature Thermometer

Part 2. Features of Best Smart Baby Thermometer

Part 3. How to Check Babies Temperature on Miaomiaoce App

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions: All About Miaomiaoce


Part 1. Types and Comparisons of Body Temperature Thermometer

As for gauging body temperature, there are different types of thermometers, including mercury thermometers and digital thermometer. For some digital thermometer that can be put on or adhere to head, chest, armpit, stomach and wrist, we call them wearable thermometer. Nowadays, mercury thermometers are fading out and electronic thermometer takes the place of it. Why smart temperature monitor are better choice in recent year? Let’s check the clues below:

 1. Smart Thermometer Shows Results Faster

 2. Smart Thermometer Are More Accurate

 3. Smart Thermometer is Safer for Kids

 4. Smart Thermometer is More Hygienic

 5. Smart Thermometer Has More Advanced Features


1. Smart Thermometer Shows Results Faster

If you know how a mercury thermometer works, you would get my point:

A mercury thermometer is a glass tube sealed in both end and with mercury contained in the bottom bulb and part of the tube. When heating medium involved, we just wait for the mercury inside to swell and raise the mercury column up. Wait patiently and you will see the result shows on the scale. It takes about a few minutes for this whole process to finish.

How Mercury Thermometer Works

Image from: kullabs.com

On the contrary, a bluetooth thermometer has no delay for temperature reading. The result is just shown on its tiny display screen in no time.
Infrared Smart Thermometer with Display Scale

Image from: digit.in

2. Smart Thermometer Are More Accurate

Some might worry that wifi temperature monitor thermometer will be less accurate. Actually, electronic body thermometers have a thermocouple sensor inserted inside the probe. Therefore, it’s much more accurate to read temperature even though it doesn’t have a calibration.

3. Smart Thermometer is Safer for Kids

Mercury thermometer is a glass tube carrying a mercury column inside. Glass are fragile and mercury are toxic chemicals and difficult to clean up when spill out. It’s so dangerous if we take temperature in a toddler’s mouth. They might snap the mercury thermometer while taking temperature and get hurt by glass and mercury. In recent years, It’s not allowed to sell mercury thermometer to customers in some countries for safety concerns.

Mercury in Mercury Thermometer is Toxic

Image from: thestar.com

On the other hand, wireless bluetooth thermometer utilizes metal components and electronic circuits rather than mercury, which are more eco-friendly and kids-friendly. They always come with a durable shell, which are not easily broken.

4. Smart Thermometer is More Hygienic

There are different methods to take children’s temperature at different ages:
- Rectal (in the bottom) - for children under 3 years old;
- Oral (in the mouth) - for 4-5 years old;
- Armpit (under the arm) - to make sure whether your baby is having a fever, this could be your first choice, but less accurate;

Taking Baby Temperature in Rectal

Image from: kidshealth.org

I clean the mercury thermometer thoroughly before and after taking children’s temperature but I still concern about the hygiene issue, worrying that there are still bacterial and virus on it. So, I buy many thermometers to make sure each of us have one on our own and tell them apart with the name labels attach on each thermometer. Still worry about the cross infection issue because I put them in the same drawer.

One Mercury Thermometer for Each

Image from: pri.org


5. Smart Thermometer Has More Advanced Features

Last but not least, smart thermometers enable us to attach the button-size thermometer on babies' body and track body temperature remotely on your smartphone with your bluetooth turned on.

Therefore, an alternative temperature taking method to get body temperature in a more superficial, disposable, sanitary way and with more advanced features integrated into one would be prefer. 

"This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!" This is my first word when I notice there are wearable thermometers that sticks to babies body. If you ask which is the most accurate thermometer for kids. I would say the one we prefer is called Miaomiaoce Smart Baby Temperature Monitor.


This one can solve all my worries including hygiene issue, accuracy and safety. What’s more, it can track and record baby temperature even at night. And sound the alarm if the body temperature excess the preset one.


Wearable Thermometer for Babies

Part 2. Features of Best Smart Thermometer

Xiaomi Youpin is a brand widely known in respect to its premium quality. Miaomiaoce baby temperature app, created by Xiaomi Youpin, is an hassle-free and perfect tool for parents to track baby’s temperature and check statistic changes and fever alarm on mobile app. It allows parents to check on baby temperatures every 2.5s automatically. Outstanding features of Miaomiaoce are listed as below:

Baby Temperature Monitor Track on Mobile App

  1. 3M Medical tape - Stick on Chest and Sleep Soundly

  2. Temperature Sensor with Pinpoint Accuracy

  3. Continuous Temperature Tracking

  1. 3M Medical tape - Stick on Chest and Sleep Soundly
The replaceable sticky tape is made of 3M non-woven adhesive tape. It’s ideal to use at night: Once stick on the chest of your children, it’s not easily fall out in the quilt.

Miaomiaoce Baby Temperature Monitor Stick on Body

  2. Temperature Sensor with Pinpoint Accuracy
The thermometer is so tiny in size (1.26*1.26*0.03inches;) and lightweighted (8g) that it takes up nearly no room. However, to maximize the accuracy, Miaomiaoce adopts a 17mm temperature sensing slice to pinpoint accuracy. Thus we can have a clearer understanding on the data.

Temperature Sensing Trends

  3. Continuous Temperature Tracking
Miaomiaoce smart thermometer detects babies temperature every 2.5s. Match the thermometer with your smartphone or tablet to check intuitive broken line graph on the app showing temperatures changes. You are also allowed to set up temperature warning. The alarm will automatically ring when the temperature reaches the preset value.

Miaomiaoce Smart Thermometer Temperature Track

Part 3. How to Check Babies Temperature on Miaomiaoce App

To keep a closer look at the ongoing body temperature, we need to have our phone connected with Miaomiaoce built-in app.

Step 1. Scan the QR code on the manual.
Step 2. Install Zenmeasure Smart Thermometer on your mobile phone.
Step 3. Sign in the account. If you don’t have one, create a new one with email or phone number.
Step 4. Turn on Bluetooth and connect it with Miaomiaoce smart thermometer.

Miaomiaoce Baby Wearable Thermometer Setup on App

Note: Check Miaomiaoce Baby Wearable Smart Thermometer Unbox Video here for more details.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions: All About Miaomiaoce

Q: What is Miaomiaoce and ZenMeasure Smart Thermometer App?
A: Miaomiaoce is a button size body temperature thermometer to monitor babies’ body while ZenMeasure is a mobile app that match with this powerful tiny thermometer. Just attach the monitor on babies’ chest and connect the thermometer to track temperature change.

Q: What is the Usage Scenario of Miaomiaoce?
A: Parents’ worry about baby temperature and would prefer monitoring body temperature continuously especially when your babies is getting a fever.

Q: Does the Warning Alarm Keep Ringing?
A: Yes, every time the body temperature has reached the alarm line, your phone will start sounding the alarm. Click the pop-up "OK" option on your mobile phone to close the alarm. Please remember that to enable warning alarm, you should make sure your smartphone is not set to silent mode.

Q: What distance is this smart remote thermometer supports?
A: Miaomiaoce enables you to sync data with phone within about 10 meters if no obstacles. Beyond the effective wireless transmission distance, your data will stop syncing until your phone is linked again.

Q: Will Miaomiaoce release radiation?
A: Radiation of Miaomiaoce and other electronics are neglectable (smaller than wifi) and do no harm to health.

Q: The thermometer looks tiny, is it safe for baby?
A: The width of the thermometer is as low as 32mm and not easy to swallow accidentally.

Q: How long is the battery life? Is the battery replaceable?
A: For regular use, like 8 hours per day. Miaomiaoce battery is built-in, we can not replace new battery when it’s dead. 

Q: I forgot to take the wearable thermometer off when my baby is taking a bath? Will it gets dead?
A: Our baby smart thermometer is IPX6 level waterproof, safe for daily use.

Q: The connection fails, what should I do to solve the problem?
A: Firstly, check if Miaomiaoce is in sleep mode. Miaomiaoce will be turned into sleep mode once put into the sleep storage box. Secondly, check if it runs out of power. Put the thermometer into sleep storage box and take out to see if the indicators still flicker. If not, the power is ran out. Lastly, check if it is well connected with the bluetooth.


It’s quite a powerful wearable baby thermometer. I can totally recall the first night my daughter has got a fever. I felt at sea and toss and turns all night long. It’s such and a good helper for those first-time parents taking care of their babies who are having a fever.

With a button-size wireless bluetooth thermometer attach on babies body, we can monitor and record temperature change of our babies even if at night. The visible temperature change graph provides us a much more intuitive insight of whether my babies is getting better till the fever has gone.


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