About ChildAngle


Like Many Businesses, Ours Began with A Problem

One day before Christmas 2018, I was shopping for a few Christmas gifts for my nephews and nieces. And it’s quite a headache because as the kids’ market is exploding, there are assortments of toys, clothes and other children’s goods as options. It was killing a lot of time to get my ideal gifts for the kids. I wished there was someone to narrow it down to the most popular ones for me, so I could simply choose from the list. Here comes ChildAngle. We started our online store, aiming at the U.S children’s market. My experience of running a local children’s store years ago made it easier for me to start. What I needed to do was to focus on quality and offer more and more hot stuff in my store.


Child + Angle

ChildAngle comes from the combination of the words "Child" and "Angle". We are on the children’s side and stand for joy, love and optimism. We aim to spark your little one’s imagination. As our brand name indicates, we offer kids' clothes, toys and supplies for all children and teens from newborn up to 18 years old on the basis of kids’ preferences and evolve with trends, kids’ tastes, needs and lifestyle.


Slogan: Little Things Matter

There are two explanation of our slogan: Little Things Matter.

1) Our lovely kids are what matter the most. Everything we offer, promote and give are all for our cutest little things and hopefully make them an unforgettable childhood.

2) Every details matter. This explanation perfectly points out our primary principle: Details mean everything. The success of a production depends on the attention paid to detail. Focusing on details and make a difference.


Social Responsibility

At ChildAngle, we feel it is important to help change things, so we operate our business in a socially responsible way. For the past few months, we’ve participated in a charity program called B+ Foundation. B+ Foundation honors the life of the 14-year-old leukemia patient, Andrew McDonough. The charity program is about helping kids fight cancer. If you feel like doing something to help those kids, you can opt in on our checkout page while placing an order with us. We will donate the money we receive to B+ Foundation every month. We hope we can make the world a little bit different together.


Our Goal

It’s our mission to make it easier for parents to find the most ideal toys, clothes, and supplies for their kids. We visit many factories to source the trendiest and cutest goods for kids. In order to stabilize the quality of our products, we keep continuous communications with our suppliers and pay them return visits from time to time. ChildAngle still has a lot to do to become one of the leading children’s goods online stores that offers the most complete product lines of premium quality. But we will spare no efforts to accomplish that goal. And your feedback powers the engine of the ChildAngle experience and helps us improve. Thank you for coming along with us on this ride, and we appreciate your love and support.