Best Holiday Time Inflatables

Best Holiday Time Inflatables

Top 14 Holiday Yard Inflatables and Themed Yard Inflatables of 2024


We need pleasure, excitement, and laughter in our lives and during the holidays more than ever. What better way to make you and your neighbor smile than an ever-waving and smiling inflatable in your yard? Let's boost pleasure in the holiday season with a compilation of the best holiday time inflatables, from complete classics and beloved inflatable santa figures to iconic snowman inflatable and beautiful holiday signs for not only Christmas, but also Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Birthday Themes.

What to Think About

All of the inflatables we provide light up, deflate effortlessly and fold up for convenient storage. While it may seem like that whether the yard inflatables are hard to set up or not is all you need to consider when buying an yard inflatable with holiday themes, actually, there are a few other considerations to make.

  • The Blow-up Size: Do you have enough room for an inflatable? Consider carefully how much of your lawn a Grinch or Santa scenario should occupy and how tall it should be.
  • The Setup Location: Is the location you pick adjacent to an outlet? You will need to plug the blower to the outlet to glow up yard inflatables.
  • Electricity Consumption: Different inflatables consume power differently; therefore, choose one that consumes power you can pay for.
  • Budget: There are a variety of inflatables, each with its price tag. Thus, you need to set a budget and stick to it.

Advantages of Yard Inflatables as Holiday Decorations

Here are the benefits of using inflatables for holiday decorations:

  • Holiday yard inflatables are durable and safe; thus, you don't need to be concerned about children and pets hurting themselves.
  • They make your yard attractive. The LED lights inserted can add on holiday atmosphere to your yard and patio.
  • They are easy and quick to set up. You only need to inflate like a car tire and secure them in a desirable location.
  • Yard Inflatables are easy to fold and store for the next year.
  • Stable for outdoor use. Come with ground stakes and ropes for sturdiness.


What Color Patterns are Used for Different Holidays?

Although most people think holiday inflatables are only for Christmas, I suppose you might be wrong; next time, watch your neighborhood during the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween holidays. No matter the holiday, yard inflatables show some holiday cheers. However, you must choose the best as some patterns and color match well with different holidays as recommended below:

  • Bunny patterns and white color are amazing for the Easter holiday.
  • For Halloween Holidays, orange, black and purple pumpkins are preferable.
  • Snowman, Reindeer, Red and White Santa are the best for Christmas Holiday.

Best Holiday Time Inflatables of Our Recommendations

Here are some of our inflatable recommendations for different holidays. Quick approaches here:

Easter Yard Inflatables;
Independence Day Yard Inflatables;
Halloween Yard Inflatables;
Thanksgiving Yard Inflatables;
Christmas Outdoor Inflatables;

Easter Holiday Inflatables

6 Feet Inflatable Easter Bunny

This Easter inflatable always had my back during Easter holiday decorations, fall night events, and Easter, among other events. It is always safe with my kids and pets. You know what, even my 5-year-old son can safely set it up. It lights up beautifully at night, attracting guests and neighbors so we can celebrate together all night. And everyone loves taking picture with this giant bunny.

Egg is another popular symbol for Easter. Try this Easter egg patch yard inflatable to add on Easter vibe.

Or how about a giant carrot yard inflatable with rabbits climbing on it? Look like a UFO crashing into the ground, huh?

Independence Day Yard Inflatables

To honor the sacrifice the patriots made in the American revolution back in old times and to celebrate the declaration of independence, on July 4th , people parades, fireworks, cook outs and decorate the in and out of the house with American flag, Eagle pattern and Uncle Sam. Check this Uncle Sam American Flag Eagle Independence Day yard inflatable.

This Independence Day yard inflatable is made of thicken polyester fabric and durable on rainy days and can be deflated for compact storage and reuse. The stake as well as the rope makes it keep it stable and stand put even in windy days.

Halloween Yard Inflatables

Like in another baby first Halloween ideas article, we've mentioned that the popular Halloween vibe color scheme are black and orange, black and purple, or orange and green.

1. Pumpkin Ghost with Wizard Hat

A pumpkin Ghost with a Wizard hat combination creates a spooktacular and friendly scene that amuses adults and little children. It attracts guests and passersby and triggers celebratory moods. Of importance to note, it is relatively cheap. I will recommend this for Halloween holiday decorations.

Pumpkin Patch Yard Inflatables

I have always used a pumpkin patch inflatable to make my yard welcoming through the autumn and Halloween holidays. The décor is expansive and easy to put up and store. This is all you need in your yard to attract visitors and passersby during Halloween.

A yard inflatable of an angry tree ghost looks like it is going to swallow something.

A yard inflatable of a creepy giant black cat shaking its hand like it is searching for something on the ground.

A yard inflatable of a tall grim reaper making spooky sounds when someone is trying to approach.

This voice-activated yard inflatable is perfect match with the spooky animated eyeball doorbell. It looks like a normal doorbell at first, but if someone ring the doorbell, a creepy rolling eyes that glows in the dark is unveil with a spooky sound. It's fun to play a trick on your visitors.


Thanksgiving Turkey Yard Inflatable

The ideal Thanksgiving decoration is a 6-foot-tall inflatable Turkish "Happy Thanksgiving" banner. The decoration appears calm and sights when the incredibly bright LED lights are turned on. Prepare a mouthwatering meal and adorn your home with our enormous, charming turkey blow-up yard decorations. The turkey's amusing appearance and gigantic body will get the attention of nearby youngsters, neighbors, and onlookers.

Christmas Yard Inflatable

Christmas is the largest holiday of the year. Kids have vacations and adults have day off to enjoy family time. Parents decorating their house, buying babies new clothes, putting on family matching pajamas and singing, dancing and sharing the happy stories. They prepare Christmas gifts for the kids, some even start the preparation and celebration from the beginning December, with a set of Advent Calendar.

If you are those outgoing one and would like to celebrate with your neighbourhood, a giant yard inflatable for Christmas will be a good trigger. People can't help stop their pace, appreciate the yard inflatable and ask you if they can take a photo with it as if it is a mascot.

Look, Father Christmas has just arrive with a full load of gifts for the kids. Unlike it always be, Father Christmas doesn't climb down through the chimney this time, instead, they landed right in the yard.

A large inflatable arch is also the good choice for Christmas. This arch works for both indoor and outdoor. Many put this Christmas inflatable arch in the front door while others just put it in the entryway or next to your Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas tree, if you are someone who are tired of doing harm to the environment. You might consider replacing those genuine Christmas trees with this cute and long-lasting inflatable Christmas tree. You can deflate the inflatables and fold them up for next year.

All this coolest Santa on Motorcycle yard inflatable is my favorite of this year. They look giant, cool and attract people's eye. Now I am fancy to ask Santa Claus for a ride.

What All Yard Inflatables Have in Common?

Inflatables have several features in common.

  • They are self-inflatable and easy to install and maintain.
  • They can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • They are all water resistant and durable.
  • Inflatables inflate and deflate easily for storage in a few seconds.
  • Lastly, for stability, they come with tethers; thus, they can withstand windy conditions.
Check more lovely holiday-time yard inflatables here:

In conclusion, yard inflatables are an indispensable holiday décor that brings a celebratory mood and attracts passersby and guests during holidays. They amaze not only children but also adults. They are safe, easy to set, install, inflate, deflate and store. There are several categories, each pattern or color suitable for different celebrations.

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