Easter Colors & Tips for Family Easter Outfits

Easter is one of a day when families look their best wearing matching family outfits and having a picnic outside or decorating their house with Easter ornaments and arranging family activities at home. You can keep Easter traditions such as Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, egg coloring, and hunting for Easter eggs without spending a fortune.

Traditionally Easter Sunday has been the one time of year when the best frilly dresses, bonnets, bow ties, and suits with vests make their appearances. Over the years, gradually, more casual attire has become acceptable and far more practical. It's also a fantastic opportunity to find matching spring color schemes that look great in family Easter photos or to capture children who look picture-perfect and ready to dive into those candy-filled Easter baskets.

Part 1. What Does The Meaning of Easter Colors & Patterns

Part 2. Matching Family Easter Outfits Color Schemes

Part 3. Last-Minute Easter Outfits Tips

Part 4. Get Ready for The Easter Family Photo

Part 5. Other Decors That Boost Easter Vibe



Part 1. What Does The Meaning of Easter Colors & Patterns

1. Color - White
The color white is seen for the first time to symbolize the newness of life. It is the shade of innocence and symbolized purity, and was utilized in all popular feasts and celebrations such as Easter and Christmas.

2. Color - Purple
Purple means humility and royalty in Easter. Try pre-fill the vases with lilacs and violets or items in lavender color.

3. Color - Green
Green is the color of rebirth, growth and hope. It is the color of spring grass, leaves and plants.

4. Color - Pink
Pink represents happiness and love. Consider adding some pink colors with fresh florals for either indoor or outdoor decors.

5. Color - Yellow
Yellow and gold is the color of sunrise. It's like the shining rays of the sun, bringing hope and joy to brighten up our mood instantly.

6. Color - Red and Black
Red and black are widely used as well in recent years. Red is a vibrant colors of passion, while black symbolizes mourning.

7. Color - Blue
The color blue is not a traditional Easter color but it is also chosen as one of the dominant color of the Easter family outfits color scheme, from pale blue to navy blue.

8. Pattern - Plaid
The plaid patterns remind me of the picnic cloth that we use on every Spring picnic. It's a popular festival symbol of Easter.

9. Pattern - Floral
Another perfect pattern for Easter would be floral. Like we've mentioned above, spring is the season that represents rebirth, flowers and grasses rebirth after the cold winter and flowers mean growth and hope.



Part 2. Matching Family Easter Outfits Color Schemes

It is a time when light and lively spring colors make their debut for the year. Though many still stick with more muted tints and lighter shades, in recent years, many have begun to break from tradition when it comes to wardrobes.

Easter has become a time to show off a wide array of color schemes. Choose some of these other great spring-time color combinations:

  • Navy, chambray, and cream are great colors to combine especially if you are near a beach for family photos. The colors are peaceful and nicely blend with the natural environment of water and beach. Another great beachfront photo combination is all white with a splash of denim.


  • Coral and navy. Coral is a nice version of pink. This combination is especially nice if you can add some polka dots or plaids mixed in subtly. Add beige shoes for the entire crew.
  •  Plaids, gingham, and floral prints in pastel or other springtime color patterns work great for matching family outfits and mixing in some solid colors so as not to overpower any pattern. The best family photos happen with at least one pattern popping out among a few solids but not all the same pattern.

  • Cream, pink, and olive green offer splashes of complementing colors. Choosing dresses with a floral pattern in the same color scheme against nice blue jeans works great to bring the entire family together.


Part 3. Last-Minute Easter Outfits Tips

If it is too late to spend your paycheck on an online store or head out the door to a clothing store for Easter clothing the time you read this article, you can still get tips for the last-minute Easter outfits:

1. Reuse Clothes In Your Closet
First, take a little look through your closet. It may surprise you that you probably already have clothing that is appropriate and will look amazing in an Easter family picture.

Pull together outfits for each family member before you go on a spending spree.
ChildAngle Matching Family Easter Outfits Tips Reuse Outfits from Closet

For him, look for a suit jacket. But, don't worry if that's not his style. He will still look great in a shirt and vest or just the right matching shirt and khakis or nice jeans.

Don't forget the little accessories like hair bows or floppy hats for the girls and bow ties for the boys.

2. Only Buy One or Two New Items
Once you've gone through everyone's closet and come up with a workable springtime color scheme, lay out all the clothing you have found. With everything laid out in front of you, you can easily see what is missing. Only buy one or two new items to finish the look and only if necessary.

Part 4. Get Ready for The Easter Family Photo

Now that you have pieced together your Easter look, all that's left is selecting a great spot for pictures on Easter. If you are near a beach or a waterfront, water makes a fantastic backdrop for photos. If not, plan on capturing your kids in action as they hunt for eggs as well as posing for a few traditional family photos shoots in the church lobby or against a nice backdrop ready for framing.

ChildAngle Matching Family Easter Outfits Take Photos Outdoor Spots

If it happens not to be perfect weather for outdoor activities or you don't want to make it too tired for school and work the next day. You can also celebrate Easter at home and capture wonderful family Easter photos.

Matching Family Easter Outfits Take Photos Home

That was one Easter Day a few years ago, I was too tired to arrange the whole Easter thing right after giving birth to my second child. I got us a few vivid Easter backdrops for photography and took a great number of lovely and memorable photos in coordinating family Easter outfits indoors.



Part 5. Other Decors That Boost Easter Vibe

Besides wearing matching family outfits, some Easter decorations for your house can boost the Easter vibe and bring you and your little ones a more unforgettable Easter memory.

1. Inflatable Easter Bunny
For most families, the front yard is the best place to show off our taste. Many of us love decorating our yard for the big feast with yard inflatables: We invest in huge plush spiders with spider web for Halloween, we hang Christmas grinch wreath at the front door, and of course, an inflatable Easter bunny will be the perfect choice for Easter.

2. Easter Gnome
For the indoor Easter ornaments, several plush Easter gnomes on the fireplace or a shelf would be perfect.

3. Egg Painting
One Easter activity that is unskippable will be egg coloring. Children enjoy painting and coloring in pastel colors with their moms and dads. I used to love painting different patterns on eggs and doing egg hunting when I was a little girl, and my favorite part of Easter is still egg painting with my little ones nowadays.

4. Other household items with Easter elements
As we mentioned above, pastel colors and plaid, floral patterns are key elements of Easter, other elements like egg, bunny, carrot and Easter baskets are essentials. Any household items with these elements on them are regarded as perfect options to boost Easter vibes.

Final Thoughts

Matching family Easter outfits would be perfect to celebrate the annual festival with the whole family. Utilize the Easter colors white, pink, blue, yellow, green and the springtime patterns plaid, floral, bunny, egg, carrot for your Easter family outfits or decorations will never go wrong. Other decorations like Easter inflatables, gnomes, Easter night lights, Easter 3D Lamp are also welcomed for Easter.

Look great while keeping Easter traditions at an affordable cost. If it is already too late to get everything prepared for Easter, we have the last-minute Easter tips for you. Just dig into your closet, you will surprisingly find you've got perfect outfits that look great and suit for Easter family dress perfectly. Just pull them together with certain color schemes.

Add comfort and style by piecing together picture-ready outfits from what you already have. Now that you've got the Easter preparation done, it's time to capture beautiful pictures in matching family outfits to memorize the annual Easter Day.


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