Top 4 Coordinating Family Outfits Tips for Family Photos in 2024

Top 4 Coordinating Family Outfits Tips for Family Photos in 2024


Let's start with why we want to take regular family photos in the first place. Whatever reason you choose for taking the photo, a special event or some normal weekend, when you take a family photo, you are preserving a moment in time that your family will enjoy for a lifetime. In this article, you will see a full guide on why take family photos and tips about coordinating family outfits:

Part 1. Why Take Family Photos
Part 2. Get the Family on Board!
Part 3. Decide the Family Photo Details
Part 4. Top 4 Tips to Coordinate the Family Photo Outfits
     Tip #1: Choose a Color
     Tip #2: Choose a Pattern  
     Tip #3. Pick a Theme
     Tip #4. Pull Inspiration from Your Venue
             Take family photo outdoors?
             indoor family photo
             Take family photo in a studio?
Part 5. To Wrap Up


Part 1. Why Take Family Photos?

Family photos serve as a memory. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and graduations and all special events that are important enough to commemorate with a family photo. It's amazing how one photo can evoke such powerful emotions and memories many years after they are taken. Here are a few tips to help you get started with planning your family photo day, and how to get everyone to look amazing for that perfect family photo.

ChildAngle Family Photos Ideas

Part 2. Get the Family on Board!

One of the most difficult tasks in coordinating a family photo is to have a clear plan in place so that you don't get overwhelmed on photo day. Don't be afraid to ask everyone that is going to be included in the photo what they think! If you can incorporate elements they request into the family photo, you will have family members more excited to coordinate matching family outfits, and perhaps much bigger smiles on photo day.

Part 3. Decide the Family Photo Details

- PICK A LOCATION. The Location you choose can help you decide on what to wear.

- PICK A DAY. If you've invited the grandpa and grandma to take photos together, be sure to send a reminder as the photo draws near. This is an easy way to help everyone included in the photo remember the occasion.

- PICK A TIME. The time of day you take your photo is important if you are taking photos outdoors. The colors of the day are vastly different in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The time of day can help you decide on a color scheme for your family photo.

- PICK A PHOTOGRAPHER. This is an important step if you are planning a family photo. A good photographer will have helpful tips as well.

- PLAN FOR EMERGENCIES. This could mean bringing along an extra outfit for little ones, extra makeup for retouches, or having an emergency sewing kit in your bag. Planning for emergencies just in case will keep everyone less stressed.

- PRACTICE YOUR SMILE. This last step is especially important for the little ones. If you practice taking the photo before the big day, you are more likely to be happier with the end result. Don't forget to reward the little ones for a job well done! Giving them stickers is a great way to do this without messing up their outfits on photo day.

Part 4. Top 4 Tips to Coordinate the Family Photo Outfits

Family photos can be so much more than just a picture. Choosing coordinating outfits for family pictures can be a daunting task, especially if you want everyone to be dressed similarly but not completely match. Wearing in coordinating family photo outfits can be a brilliant display of family unity. Here are a few tips to get the family photo coordinated without dulling the individuality of each person.

Tip #1. Choose a Color

You could start by choosing a palette of colors. For family Easter outfits, blue, pink and white are the ideal colors to choose; For summer, yellow, light blue and green are loved; for Christmas, white, red and green are perfect. If you shop from online store a lot, you can locate their shop by colors category and start your journey to color coordinated family outfits.

Tip #2. Select A Pattern

Let's talk about patterns, they don't have to be the same boring outfit! A nice tie, a pair of slacks, or even a shirt with the same pattern,. or another example, coordinating family Easter outfits with a flower pattern, tiny bunny graphic, or bowknot tie, can pull a family photo together as well. This is a great way to dress up a family photo without it being too formal. Let's be honest, our little ones are more comfortable in casual clothing, plus, less chance for a wardrobe malfunction. A few lovely patterns for different occasions recommended here: Plaid for Easter, balloon, candle and birthday cake graphic patterns for birthday, Floral for summer vocation, Flag, stripe and star pattern for Independence Day family outfits, Santa, Snow, Deer graphic patterns for Christmas, etc.

Tip #3. Pick a Theme

Coordination doesn't just have to be about matching colors and patterns. Your family could decide on a themed picture instead. Have a favorite family holiday movie? Your family could dress up as their favorite characters from the film.

Family photos can be a lot of work, but they can also be fun. You don't have to approach everything with formality. Maybe everyone gets together for an event like a Halloween Party, or a 60s themed birthday party. Dressing up together as a theme is a great way to coordinate everyone without having anyone match.

Tip #4. Pull Inspiration from Your Venue

What if it is not a special occasion? What if it is a normal weekend you happen to have a mood for family photos? It's hard to pick which color, pattern or theme, because any of them will work perfectly. In this case, you can find inspiration from the venue.

1. Take Outdoor Family Photos: Oftentimes, the location of your photo will be your biggest helper in deciding what to wear. For example, if your photo is outdoors, you will be able to draw outfit inspiration from the scenery. You could choose flower prints that match the flowers around you, or solid colored matching hues from the scenery around you for outdoor family photoshoot. If you are taking your photo on the beach, you could have everyone in matching family swimsuits and take outdoor water family photos. When taking beach family photos, use beach toys or seashells as a prop. 

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2. Take Indoor Family Photos:

In foggy or rainy weather that family outing is not so ideal, you can also set up a at home family photoshoot. Just find somewhere with a clean backdrop, enough space and great lighting. Taking photos while playing with the kiddos in the playroom is a good idea, or dress the family with the coordinating family Christmas pictures pajama set or choose the mantel background with the holiday decor boosted the holiday vibe. If your house is too messy and can't find somewhere ideal for photo taking, you can get a holiday photography backdrop.

3. Take family photo in a studio? Taking family photo in a studio can open up different options as well. A fun idea for a family photo with the kids could involve matching props. For example, each child could hold a different colored giant crayon. Or if it is cosplay or Halloween occasion, a princess wig, gloves, jewelry accessories or other costume props can add more fun. From experience, I can tell you that smaller children will be overall happier, and sit still longer if they have something to fidget with, and don't be afraid to ask your photographer if they have any props you can utilize for your family photo.

Part 5. To Wrap Up

You've done all the work, now let's get that photo! Remember to stay lighthearted during the family photo process. It can sometimes take a few photos before you get the right one, and it can quickly get stressful. Make sure that everyone is comfortable, you take breaks if you have to, and don't forget to smile. In the end, all your hard work will be rewarded with a unique family photo that you will cherish for years to come.

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