12 Best Newborn Halloween Outfits Ideas

12 Best Newborn Halloween Outfits Ideas

Halloween night is full of fun memories spent with your kids trick or treating, wearing fun creative and common bat, spider or pumpkin themed Halloween costumes that showcase their personalities or lovely princess costumes. Although your newborn may not be able to trick or treat quite yet, you can still dress your little one up in the cutest newborn Halloween outfits so your whole family can take part in this spooky time of year. If you're struggling to come up with what to wear this season, below are the top newborn Halloween outfit ideas you should consider dressing your little one in.

Most Used Halloween Outfit Patterns & Characters

If you want to keep your newborn's Halloween outfit simple, there's no harm in taking inspiration from these common Halloween outfit patterns and characters for your newborn.

1. Animal Themed Print Outfit

There are so many fun animal-themed outfits for Halloween time to dress your little one up in. Consider a recognizable animal print outfit style like a bat, spider, black cat and wolf print or patterns onesie.

This adorable bat Halloween outfit is perfect for Halloween time. Its sassy style and bat design are perfect for Halloween and add on spooky feel! You can get the right size for your little one.

2. Newborn Pumpkin Outfits

A pumpkin-style outfit is another classic Halloween outfit perfect for your newborn. Pumpkins are a classic spooky look. Consider getting an outfit with a fun smiley pumpkin face on it. Or, you can get a newborn outfit with a bunch of tiny pumpkins on the entirety of the onesie.

This smiley pumpkin outfit is the perfect newborn Halloween outfit. The bright orange and black colors are representative of this spooky season. You can find this cute newborn pumpkin jumpsuit that looks so cute and convenient with easy snap button closure on the bottom!

3. Baby Spider Pattern Outfits

Remember the times you were suddenly scared by your neighbors' Halloween yard decorations? I dare say that in most of time, you are scared by a fluffy spider in giant size with super long legs hanging in the front porch or the exterior wall of the house.

Spider is, without doubt, one of the most popular pattern option during the Halloween season. However, spider print doesn't necessarily always be spooky and scaring. It can be cute as well.

4. Newborn Skeleton Outfits

Newborn skeleton outfits mostly come in a long sleeve jumpsuit or onesie to show the bones all over the outfit.

This lovely newborn skeleton outfits comes in 2 pieces, one skeleton newborn jumpsuit with lovely candy print on the stomach as well as a skull hat print cap that can keep your babies looks chic while feeling comfortable.

5. Newborn Witch Pattern Outfit

Witch pattern is also a great option: The witch and moon pattern is harmony with the Halloween atmosphere. This 3PCS witch romper pants outfits with cap is a great fit of the Halloween party.


Popular Color Schemes for Halloween Outfits

If you don't want to dress your newborn up in a Halloween-type character or patterned look, but still want your baby to wear popular Halloween color schemes, consider creating a spooky baby outfit with these colors in mind.

6. Orange and Black Colors

Orange and black is a classic Halloween color combination. Consider dressing your newborn up in black pants and an orange top or an orange and black striped onesie for a simple Halloween outfit.


This outfit look above uses the perfect balance of black onesie hoodie jumpsuit for a classic Halloween style look. And, the pumpkin detail and the "My 1st Halloween" print add to this festive time of year look.

7. Purple and Black Colors

Purple and black are other popular Halloween colors. Similar to the other color combination, mix and match purple and black pieces to create a spooky color-coordinated look.


This infant Halloween outfit idea uses a black allover jumpsuit with bright purple bat patterns on the sleeves and the "my 1st Halloween" print detailing with spooky spider designs for a cute Halloween-inspired style.

Coordinating Halloween Newborn Outfit Styles For Siblings And Twins

There's nothing like getting the whole family together to wear coordinating family outfits for Halloween. Whether you choose to coordinate your newborn's Halloween outfit with their older siblings or if you have twins, here are some matching Halloween outfit styles to consider.

8 . Glow in The Dark Family Pumpkin Sweatshirts

Glow in the Dark family Halloween pumpkin sweatshirts set is one of the classic matching look these years. This would be an especially cute Halloween outfit idea if you are arranging a day out to the amusement park with the whole family. Especially at night, the skeleton hands and Halloween print in the front will grow up and lookds more spooky. For the tips to take awesome pictures of the season, check this coordinating family outfit tips for family photos. Who doesn't love the pumpkin look just in time for the festive Halloween season?!

9. Sibling Halloween Spice Denim Dress

If the Halloween newborn outfits are not designed for the whole family, you can make your own set by yourself. For example, some baby outfit online stores offer newborn outfits of different styles. They might be similar either in color, pattern or design. You can choose 2 similar design and make it a sibling outfit sets for your little ones. They will love the set without doubt.

Check this denim Halloween dress for girls for example: There are 2 color options, one classic orange dress and another a lovely champagne one. You can order both of them that suits perfectly in your cutest girls.

10.Sibling Knitted Hoodie Romper for Halloween

As winter is getting closer, if it is too chill for the little one to wear a T-shirt or skirt, you can choose other clothing for lower temperatures. For example, order these long sleeve knitted romper with hoodies and wear them with a pair of plain leggings. The newborn can now looks good during Halloween day while still stay warm.


Best Newborn Halloween Outfit Ideas For 2022

Still not sure what newborn Halloween outfit idea is best for your baby this year? Look no further than these top newborn Halloween outfit ideas for 2022 that are truly noteworthy.

11. Stylish Pumpkin Outfit

A pumpkin-inspired baby outfit is another fun style to try this season. Not only is a pumpkin a classic Halloween symbol, but there are so many creative patterns you can have on your little one's outfit.

The above outfit idea is too cute. It comes with a pumpkin, skeleton and ghost design and a striped sleeve pattern. And, a lovely matching cap that share the same design with the jumpsuit.

12. Cute Bell Sleeve Bat Outfit with Headband

A bell sleeve Halloween baby outfits with elastic headband contains full Halloween vibe and it is another creative and fun outfit look to get into the spooky spirit. There are all sorts of funny, clever Halloween-inspired details like spider, web and the quote you can find to make the perfect newborn outfit. This simple yet creative baby outfit is great for Halloween time and will be sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

Have other Halloween outfits idea for newborns? Leave us your idea and share with us.



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