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Do I need a baby monitor?


Do I need a baby monitor?

Baby monitors are a great accompany for first-time moms. You will consider baby monitor a life-saver if you:
  • want to keep an eye on your babies while working;
  • want to know whether your newborns sleep sound at night;
  • want to soothing your baby with lullabies;
  • want to check on toddlers whether they are safe with toys in the playroom;
  • want to monitor your twins or triplets from different rooms within one screen;


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Do you have a baby who is starting to wake up and wander around the house at night? With a video baby monitor, your peace of mind is just here. Given so many different usage scenario of baby monitors, it might grow your interest of more detailed baby monitors facts and shopping guide. Read on to know:

Part 1. Wired and Wireless Baby Monitor

Part 2. How Baby Monitor Impact Babies Sleep

Part 3. Baby Monitor is Also Valuable to Monitor Toddlers

Part 4. Do I Need A Baby Monitor?

Part 5. What Should You Look for When Buying A Baby Monitor


Part 1. Wired and Wireless Baby Monitor

There are two types of baby monitors: Wireless and wired baby monitors.

Wired baby monitor is battery-powered and come in a set with a camera and a display screen. Some are designed tiny so you can put the display screen in the front pocket of your apron when you are in the kitchen or put it on the bedside table in your bedroom to keep an eye on the baby. They are lightweighted and easily carry with you.

Wireless baby monitor only come with a cordless camera and a charger. It can be app-controlled after connecting baby monitors to your phone. Wireless video baby monitors have a great advantage as you do not have to run cables all over your house. You can also mount them to the wall to record every move of the baby. It’s easier for parents to check what your baby is doing even if you are away from home.

Part 2. How Baby Monitor Impact Babies Sleep

1. Baby Monitor Helps Babies Fall Asleep Independently
As your babies gets older, they might go through their sleep regression, they may begin to have a worse sleep than before. It’s the key moment for sleep training with baby monitor to train him to fall asleep without assistance.

We should understand that a baby monitor can play a big role in getting your baby to sleep better. It's used to monitor your baby's sleep patterns and habits. This gives you a better understanding of what kind of sleeping your baby is getting.

By knowing the sleep that your baby or child is experiencing through a baby monitor, you can help them develop healthy bedtime habits. Babies who are accustomed to hearing the sound of their parent's voices at night tend to sleep better.

2. Baby Monitor Helps Babies Stay Asleep
Babies make a lot of noise when they are sleeping. Sometimes they are hungry, fussy, distressed but sometimes that’s just the fall asleep moans your babies are making.

Stressful co-sleeping parents tend to get to the babies as soon as they hear any sounds. Frequently sneaking into your baby nursery might sometimes wake your babies up from sweet dreams. On the contrary, a delayed response is sometimes beneficial. That was a busy weekday night, my hands are tied when my baby boy is crying in nursery room so I can’t check on it right away. After I finish up the ChildAngle blog I was writing, I rushed into his room, it’s unexpected that my baby has just fell back into sleep again.

Even if your babies won’t stop crying, you can talk to your babies and play lullabies through baby monitors without switching floors to foster his independence.

Part 3. Baby Monitor is Also Valuable to Monitor Toddlers

Do you know that a baby monitor is not only designed to monitor newborns and small babies? It’s also useful for parents raising a toddler. Toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor at this stage in their lives. They can be very active at night, and they might get into trouble without your knowledge. You can use a baby monitor to keep an eye on them while they're playing and having fun.

You can also use a baby monitor to make sure that they're sleeping soundly at night. This will give you peace of mind, and you can rest well while your little one sleeps well. The best baby monitors are equipped with pan, tilt and zoom feature that allows you to view any angle of your toddlers room. Bear in mind that where to put a baby monitor is crucial.

Part 4. Do I Need A Baby Monitor?

First time parents and those who need peace of mind through the night can make great use of this awesome device. There are dozens of reasons why you need a baby monitor. Just check the following list to ask yourself: Do I really need a baby monitor?

  • Your house is big and the nursery room is upstairs while the kitchen, your bedroom, your working room is downstairs;
  • You are a working mum who miss your babies at lunch break and want to see your babies from your working place;
  • Your baby is at his/her age to switch from a bedside bassinet to a separate crib or separate room;
  • You have family members who live away but need to check on the baby at the time that suit them the best;
  • You want to talk to your baby or soothing your baby with the built-in lullabies on your bed while your baby is crying;
  • You want to monitor older kids in the playroom while you are doing something else;
  • You want to make sure baby’s safety: Legs not stuck between crib slats, not fall down the floor...
  • You have a twins or triplets playing in different rooms. You need to monitor them at the same time to make sure they are safe within one screen.
  • You want to keep an eye on what's going on between your child and the babysitter;


Part 5. What Should You Look for When Buying A Baby Monitor

1. Power Supply Type
Wireless baby monitor is electricity-powered while wired baby monitors are both battery-powered and electricity-powered.

If you need to use your baby monitors somewhere not accessible to electricity, a wired baby monitor will be your better option.

On the contrary, if you need to check on your baby anytime even if you are away from home, a wireless baby monitor will be easier as run the baby monitor app on your phone.


2. Battery Life
Even though all wired baby monitor come with built-in battery, battery capacity divers a lot. Some only built-in 500mAh battery as a backup in case electricity is down. To monitor your baby overnight, you will be suggested to purchase those work up to 20 hours with VOX mode.



3. Transmission Range
Choose the right transmission range for your baby monitor based on the size of your house. If you have a big house, you would need a wired baby monitor that transmit up to 300ft in distance or any wireless baby monitor.


4. Viewing Angle
If you use the baby monitor mainly to check whether your newborn is having a deep and sound sleep, a crib side wired baby monitor is safe and affordable option for you. If you use baby monitor for a toddlers who starts growing curiosity of everything, a wireless baby monitor with camera and apppan, tilt and zoom features would be better. They will cover almost every corner of the room so that you don’t miss a thing.



5. Night Vision
Many parents also use baby monitors as a night time security camera. Therefore, a baby monitor with a clear and vivid infrared night vision would making it easier to make sure everything is normal.


6. Other Additional Features
Other features like lullabies playing, two way talk-back audio, intrusion alert and 4-in-1 image display, room temperature monitoring, or crib clamps are not a must-have but a bonus point.


Do I need a baby monitor? I believe all of you have your answer after reading this article. If you're a first-time parent who are already paranoid, anything that can put you at ease is well worth the investment, isn't it?

A baby monitor is also a good tool to protect your child. If they fall ill during the night, you will be able to quickly pick up on any changes. A baby monitor can also be good to use when your child is taking their first steps. You might want to capture and record your baby's first step so you can cherish them for eternity.

When choosing a baby monitor, it's all about your peace of mind. You will feel safer knowing you can check up on them at any time. Baby monitors allow parents to breathe easily, so they don't have to constantly be afraid of what's going on with their child.


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