Yard Inflatables 101: How to Set up Yard Inflatables

Yard Inflatables 101: How to Set up Yard Inflatables

Yard inflatables are a fantastic way to decorate our homes for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving Holidays. They stimulate a celebratory mood and remind us how important the holidays are. In addition, they attract guests and passersby to celebrate with us. However, before you leverage these benefits, you have to set your own. 

Suppose you are new; here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a yard inflatable. In addition, there are tips on preparing the site, caring for inflatables, and solutions for frequently asked questions.

Part 1. Requirement for Installing Yard Inflatables

Part 2. Top 4 Simple Steps to Set Up Yard Inflatables?

Q&A #1. How to Stabilize and Stop Yard Inflatables from Blowing Away?

Q&A #2. How Much Power Do Yard Inflatables Consume?

Q&A #3. Yard Inflatable Care Guide: Store Yard Inflatables for Next Year?

Q&A #4. How Do You Clean Yard Inflatables?

Part 1. What Preparation to Make Before Installing Yard Inflatables

Installing yard inflatables requires preparations, especially if you want to set up multiple decorations. Here are a few preparations that you must make:

1. Prepare Power cables & extensions:
Ensure you have enough power cables and extensions to support the inflatables without overloading indoor sockets.

2. Make Space:
Confirm if you have enough space to allow them to sway on windy days without hitting or rubbing one another.

3. Prevent Puncture:
Remove all the thorns, stones, spikes, branches, and anything that can cause a puncture from your yard.

Part 2. Steps to Set Up Yard Inflatables?

Here are the 4 simple steps of setting up a yard inflatable:

Step 1. Select A Suitable Site
A yard inflatable should be set on a flat surface with no rocks, sticks, thorns, or anything that can cause a puncture. Also, set it away from power lines and trees that could restrict its movement. Before you set up your décor for a holiday, check it carefully for damages or unsafe insulating cords. Ensure all connections are intact. In case of any damage, repair it before you set up the inflatable.

Step 2. Unbox the Yard Inflatable
Secondly, unbox the yard inflatable and unroll the inflatable in the direction you wish it to face. Then, unfold the blower and fix it to the port. If additional ports exist, rotate the material clockwise to tie them off. Also, ensure zipper compartments are closed.

Step 3. Inflate the Blow-up Yard Decoration with The Blower
In this step, attach the blower to the power source and turn the blower on. As the inflation occurs, check carefully if any air is escaping through unsealed ports or vents. In addition, check if the air horse leading to the blower is not twisted.

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: We recommend you use heavy extension cords ( gauge 14 or more). The cords shouldn't be more than 100 feet long. Suppose you use a less than 14 gauge cord; you can harm your blower resulting in less airflow to the inflatable.

Step 4: Secure the Yard Inflatable and Recheck Occasionally
Secure the inflatable by its ropes for support. In addition, tie the yard inflatables to weights or stable objects such as a fence post. Throughout the holiday season, check on your yard inflatables occasionally to ensure that everything remains safe and secure because strong winds can weaken tethers, cause limbs to fall, and scatter debris.

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Q&A #1. Yard Inflatables Are Blowing Away? How to Stabilize Yard Inflatables?

1. Use of Tethers
Tether lines can secure a yard inflatable and ground stakes that come with it. However, you can buy more stakes for additional security. To secure the decoration, pound a stake into the ground, then secure the inflatable using a tether line.

2. Use Gravel Bags
You can also secure an inflatable by using bags of gravel or sand. All you need to do is to put some sand in a bag and connect it to the inflatable using a rope. Anchor the decoration in multiple locations to keep it steady.

3. Tie to a Stable Object Like a Post
Anchor your inflatable decorations to another stable item, such as a fence post, porch railing, or trees, as an alternative to ground anchors or weights. Wrap a tiny rope or twine around the yard ornament's center while it is still inflated. Completely encircle the inflatable with the rope, careful not to obstruct the airflow. Then, fasten it to anything close by.

Q&A #2. How Much Power Do Yard Inflatables Consume?

Do yard inflatable use a lot of electricity? Since inflatables are of various sizes, their power consumption is also different. Here are factors that determine energy consumption in yard inflatables:

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Factors that determine the power consumption of a yard inflatable
Inflatable Size: Larger inflatables require more energy to stay upright than smaller ones. As a result, a 4-foot inflatable uses less power than a 12-foot inflatable.
Animated or Static: If you own an animated garden inflatable, it will consume more energy to make the movements happen.
Time of Use: The frequency you run your inflatable throughout the day will impact how much energy it consumes.

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The Equation of Yard Inflatable Power Cost

Power Cost = (number of watts/1000) * (number of hours) * (number of days) * (per kwh rate)

Let’s say you start displaying the yard inflatable the whole Christmas month from 1st to 31st. , 12 hours a day and the average kwh rate in United States is $0.12.

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Yard Inflatable Watts by Size
For the number of watts, you can find it from the use manual of the yard inflatable.

For a 4-feet yard inflatable, it would be 52 watt per hour;
For a 6-feet yard inflatable, it would be 60 watt per hour;
For a 8-feet yard inflatable, it would be 76 watt per hour;
For a 12-feet yard inflatable, it would be 80 watt per hour;

Therefore, the estimate cost of a 4-feet yard inflatable will be:
Estimate Power Cost = 52 watts / 1000 * 12 hours * 31 days * 0.12 US Dollar = 2.32 US Dollar

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Monthly Power Cost Based by Inflatable Size (Power Rate: $0.12)
● 4 Feet Yard Inflatable: $2.32
● 6 Feet Yard Inflatable: $ 2.68
● 8 Feet Yard Inflatable: $3.39
● 12 Feet Yard Inflatable: $3.8

Power Cost of Animated Yard Inflatable

To make the outdoor scene more spooky on Halloween, and to be more festive on Christmas, manufacturers redesign to add an animated movement to some yard inflatables styles. Like this black cat yard inflatable, when plugged into the socket, the black cat yard inflatable starts blowing-up and start wagging its head looking like it wakes up from deep sleep and start searching for foods.

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For these yard inflatables with animated functionality, it use more electricity then those static ones. Unlike statics yard inflatables that can calculate power cost with a equation, it is much more complex for animated yard inflatables because there are more variation involved especially if it work with built-in LED lights, or have voice-activate speakers involved, and so on. However, in most case, animated yard inflatables use up 2 to 3 times of power than static yard inflatables. So, $5 to $10 power cost per month.

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Q&A #3. How Do You Clean Yard Inflatables?

Inflatable lawn decorations may contain germs and bacteria. Although most homeowners neglect the upkeep and care of inflatable lawn decorations, there are specific rules for their sanitation.

Here is a summary of how to clean yard inflatables:
● Use Soap and Water
● Use Disinfectant Wipes
● Use Baking Soda and Water
● Use Citrus Cleaners

Note: Remember to avoid getting the battery pack or blower wet when cleaning;

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Q&A #4. Yard Inflatable Care Guide: How to Store Yard Inflatables for Next Year?

At the end of the holiday, disconnect, clean, and air-dry the item before storage. Clean it with moist cotton and check for storage instructions from the manufacturer. When there is noticeable grime on the surface, such as mud, dust, and grease, clean it. Otherwise, they can culture bacteria that can harm both humans and pets.
Avoid throwing your yard inflatables carelessly or leave them in a kid's playing area. They can get punctures easily or kids can messy them with ink and mud. In addition, they can gather a lot of dust which makes cleaning problematic.

In summary, to set up a yard inflatable, you must have a plan on where to set them and have adequate supplies such as power cables and tethers. You also need to remove any potential threats, such as stones, spikes, and tree twigs that do cause damage. The fixing process is straightforward and includes the following steps: rolling, power connection, inflating, checking out for air leakages, and tethering. Finally, inspect the decoration to ensure it's safe from spikes, stones, and tree branches.


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