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Where to Put Baby Monitor: 5 Places to Avoid Installing Baby Video Monitor

Quick Q&As:

Q: What to Consider Before Mounting A Baby Monitor?
A: Your children’s health and safety as well as the viewing angle.

Q: Where to Put Baby Monitor?
A: Mounting on the wall, placing on a shelf or furniture are popular options but the best placement depends on whether you are raising a newborn or a toddler.

Read on to learn all you need on how to put baby monitor with camera and app in the nursery...

Table of Content

Part 1. How to Use a Baby Monitor Safely

Part 2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Putting Baby Monitor

Part 3. Where to Put Baby Monitor in Nursery?

Part 4. Best Baby Monitor Placement for Newborns VS Toddlers


As a parent, you need to work and cook so you cannot hold your little one all the time; that's where the baby monitor helps you out! A baby monitor is a device full of care for babies and brings parents peace that allows parents to use remotely to monitor their kids. They don't need to go to the baby's nursery off and on and continuously distract their mind about what the baby's doing! The baby monitor shows baby's room temperature and you can use it as a walkie-talkie (because of two-way audio) on mobile devices! It’s an important question that you must consider where to put a baby monitor in the nursery before purchasing baby monitors. This article will include all you need to know:

Part 1. How to Use a Baby Monitor Safely

It's good to take advantage of the advanced technology, but your little one's safety must be your top priority! Never ignore the health and safety of the kid. Here are three tips to use baby monitor safely:

1.1  Cover as Much Viewing Angle as Possible;
The more space the baby monitor covers, the more peace parents would get. Your little one just happened to walk into the blind area of the camera will, without doubt, arise worries of parents. Therefore, a baby monitor with a spacious view angle or a remote pan-and-tilt feature that shields more inside your little one's bedroom would be an ideal choice. Some parents even place the baby monitors on the shelf to place them and provide a better view to see the whole room.

1.2  Keep Baby Monitor Out of Your Little One’s Reach;
Most parents prefer to clip baby monitor to the edge of the crib, particularly when it comes to static monitors, but all you need to do is to place it steadily and away from the bassinet or the play yard, etc., so that the curious hands of your baby can't reach it. Baby put everything he/she grasps into their mouth. Don't let them play with it. We all know the seriousness of it, so also tuck in the cords and ensure to keep away from the baby's reach.

1.3  Watch out the Electromagnetic Exposure;
We all know that almost all electronics emit radio, including cell phones, television, microwave, oven, and baby monitor. Though electromagnetic exposure is unavoidable, we’d better keep our babies as little radiation exposure as possible. So, it is necessary to put the baby monitor as far as possible within the transmission range. It has been researched that parents should place baby monitors at least 3.2 feet away from the baby's crib because the radiations a baby monitor emit are like a cell phone tower 500 feet / 150 meters away.

Part 2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Putting Baby Monitor

Here are 5 tips you would regret missing when choosing where to put baby monitors in the nursery.

2.1  Put Baby Monitor Too Close to Your Baby;
The baby monitor should be placed apart from the baby at least 3.2 feet so that the baby can't directly reach it and harm himself. Mount it somewhere higher than children's approach such as a wall, or you can mount it on a taller shelf.

2.2  Leave loose cords and within Reach of Your Baby;
Baby can strangle himself with the cables and wires; therefore, it is necessary to cover the wires or cables and stop the risk. Get yourself a wireless baby monitor so that you don't have to face any trouble later.

2.3  Place the Baby Monitor on an Unstable Surface;
Setting it at some unstable surface can be harmful to your baby as a not well-installed baby monitor might fall and smash your babies in their face. So, ensure the baby monitor's upright at a flat surface.

2.4  Leave Too Much Blindness Area in Nursery Room;

Making a perfect viewing angle so that you can view your baby clearly and look up your baby sleeping, playing, or soothing your little ones via two-way audio while they start crying. Get the best quality baby monitor to get a vivid view.

2.5  Put The Baby Monitor Too Close to Other Electronics;
When two electronics are put closely together, it will make screechy noise due to electromagnetic interference (aka EMI). This happens when radio waves emitted by one device affect the other. This beeping noise will keep you from hearing your babies.

Part 3. Where to Put Baby Monitor in Nursery?

Let's have a look at the best placements you should try to achieve regarding installing a baby monitor camera.

3.1  Wall Mount Your Baby Monitor with 5 Steps;
You might prefer to mount the baby monitor to the wall as it is one of the most favored locations that fulfill the parent's requirements regarding the child's safety. It provides the full coverage of your baby's room and remains out of their reach. It is perfect for baby monitors which have a zoom, tilt, and remote pan feature. Now you know one of the best places, but the question arises how to mount it on the wall?

Step 1.  Find the perfect viewing angle and sound

Firstly, know how to set up wireless baby monitors to check video views on your phone. And test around to find the best viewing angle to monitor and hear your baby and mark down the position on the wall.

Step 2.  Drill Required Holes in The Wall

The ideal placement will be the corner next to the ceiling. Find a flat surface to keep it stable and drill holes in the wall. Attach the baby monitor with the base on the wall.

Step 3. Double Check The Viewing Angle

After mounting it on the wall, check the viewing again to make sure there’s no blindness area.

Many baby monitors are designed in such a way to specifically mount in the walls. So try to buy a wall-mounted baby monitor that is perfect for wall-mounted.

3.2  Place Baby Monitors on The Shelf
If you don't feel wall-mounting a good option, you can shift to shelves as well because a baby monitor on a shelf is another good and safer idea. It gives you convenience: You can turn the positions effortlessly whenever you want. 

If the shelf is not tall enough, you can place a box under the monitor for a better angle and also keep the children away from reaching the rack. Putting it on the shelf is my favorite option because it gives me a genuine and clear view to eyed my kid.

3.3   Place it on the Furniture
For a temporary stay, placing a baby monitor on the furniture is an incredible idea so far. If you have arranged your dressing table next to your baby's crib, you must install it there so that your baby can't reach it or put it somewhere far from the baby's kick.

Part 4. Best Baby Monitor Placement for Newborns VS Toddlers

Kindly know the difference between newborns and toddlers while placing baby monitors:

4.1  Best Baby Monitor Placement for Newborns
If you are looking for baby monitors for newborns, even though mounting the baby monitor to the wall, on the shelf, or the furniture are your ideal option, I would recommend placing it on the shelf or place it on the dressing room next to the crib. You can try to fix it at a vertical angle to get the best view when your child is sleeping. When your child wakes up, you can use the 2-way audio to soothe it right away. Placing the baby monitor near your newborn will provide he/she a better feeling of security.

4.2  Best Baby Monitor Placement for Toddlers
However, if you are raising toddlers who are exploring this world, walking around, and touching everything that caught their eye, you should mount the baby monitor on the wall or higher self to have a good viewpoint while remaining out of your toddler’s reach. If you would prefer to place the baby monitor nearer to your toddlers so that you can keep a closer look while they fell asleep at night, you could place it on the shelf and cover it with tissue boxes, artificial plants, or plush toys to hide it from your toddlers curious and exploring hands, and mouth as well.

Baby Monitors for Toddlers


Every parent makes sure the safety of their child. So avoid possible baby monitor installation mistakes and learn everything you need to while placing the baby monitor for your child is critical. Wall mount, shelf, and furniture are ideal placement to install baby monitors but the best baby monitor placement various from newborns and toddlers. Choose the best placement for the baby monitor to view in the perfect angle about every activity of your little one and keep them from radio emission and strangling by USB cord even if you are working!


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