Baby Monitor Hack-Proof Guide

Baby Monitor Hack-Proof Guide

There's no need to talk more about whether you need a baby monitor. You will find your answer once you've tried one. For those with a more careful thought, Internet security is the main hesitation that keeps them away.

It's never too early to start thinking about baby monitor security. Whether you're using a nursery camera or not, there are several things you can do to make sure your family and your baby's safety is never compromised. In this guide, ChildAngle will share the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your little one safe and sound. So whether you're just getting started with baby monitors or you're looking for ways to boost your current security setup, read on for everything you need to know.

Part 1. All Electronics Items Have Risk Being Hacked

Part 2. Why Do They Hack?

Part 3. How Do They Hack?

Part 4. What Kind of Baby Monitors Are More Vulnerable to Hack?

Part 5. How to Prevent Baby Monitor from Being Hacked?

Part 6. Best Unhackable Baby Monitor in 2022


Part 1. All Electronics Items Have Risk Being Hacked

Baby monitors are indeed just like any other electronic device. That means the same things that put your computers, smartphones, tablets, voice-activated speakers or televisions at risk also pose a threat to your baby monitor. Hackers can intercept unsecured video feeds, listen in on audio transmissions, or even use the electronics themselves as part of a more significant attack.

All Electronics Items Have Risk Being Hacked


Part 2. Why Do They Hack?

Hackers hack for many reasons. They might be trying to steal personal information or they could just want to show off their skills.

1. Steal or Leak Information
A lot of times, the most reason why hackers hack a television, speaker or smart camera is to look into your private data from your online account and password. They also steal information to assume your personal identity and use it to transfer money, take a loan, etc.


Why Do Hackers Hack Baby Monitor - Steal Leak Information

As the usage scenario of smart devices, mobile banking and Internet is popularizing, the potential monetary gain through hacking is growing as well.

2. Make Their Voice Heard
Some hackers just hack to show off their skill. They usually leave a signature or a message on the screen to tell everyone what they've done and what they think of the service, the products or the website.

Why Hackers Hack Baby Monitors Make Their Voice Heard with Message on Screen


Part 3. How Do They Hack?

Most hacking is done from a computer that's connected to the internet. There are several ways hackers can gain access to your baby monitor, but most involve exploiting one or more security vulnerabilities.

1. Weak Passwords;
Most baby monitors don't have powerful password protection while they set up their baby monitors. Therefore, many hackers will try to guess the default password repeatedly until they find the right one. That's why it's essential to change your baby monitor's password to something that brute force attacks can't guess.

How Hackers Hack Baby Monitor - Guess Weak Default Password

2. Exploit Wireless or Internet Connection;
Other hackers will exploit security vulnerabilities in the way you set up your wireless or internet connection, or they may even trick you into installing malware on your own computer that gives them remote access. That means if you don't take the right precautions, you could easily compromise your baby monitor without even knowing it.

Whatever the reason why hackers do that or how they hack, one thing is clear - if you don't take these threats seriously, your child's safety is at risk.

Part 4. What Kind of Baby Monitors Are More Vulnerable to Hack?

Actually, all baby monitors that send and receive signals are at risk of being hacked. However, there are some more secure models available that you can use to increase your chances of remaining safe and sound. There are different types of baby monitors, wired and wireless baby monitors.

Wireless baby monitors are connected with Wi-fi and can be monitored and controlled with a mobile app. Many parents prefer wireless video monitoring over audio because it has fewer limits regarding distance and provides more details about their child's condition. But as mentioned above, some hackers exploit wireless Internet to hack the items. That means these wifi baby monitors are even more vulnerable to hackers than those wired baby monitors.

Wired baby monitors come with a battery-powered camera with a display screen. If you're serious about security, you'll want to invest in a video baby monitor that has digital capabilities. These models encrypt all of the information they send and receive so your video feeds can't be intercepted by hackers, even if they're using advanced hacking tools.

Part 5. How to Prevent Baby Monitor from Being Hacked?

The security risks associated with baby monitors are very real, but that doesn't mean you have to live in fear. Instead, you can quickly take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your child from hackers so both of you can sleep a little better at night.

1. Create a Strong Password for Your Baby Monitor
The first step is to change the default password, so the likelihood of someone guessing it is much lower. For example, if your monitor's default password is "123456", you should create something you can remember, but that won't be guessed easily.

2. Update The Firmware Regularly
Every time you turn on your baby monitor, it connects to a server to deliver your video feed. If the server is compromised, hackers will be able to intercept your feed and use it to access your webcam, so they can spy on you or gain access to other devices on your wireless network.

To stop this, keep an eye out for firmware updates that fix security vulnerabilities in your device or software. If possible, set up automated updates so you won't forget to install them.

3. Use a Secure Wi-Fi Connection
If you can, connect your baby monitor directly to your modem instead of using Wi-Fi so hackers will have one less entry point into your network. Bear in mind that only enable remote access when you need to. If this is impossible, make sure you always use the most secure password possible when setting up Wi-Fi for your home.

4. Enable firewalls and security software
Make sure all of the computers and devices on your wireless network have a firewall, virus scanner, and malware protection software installed so hackers can't install these tools without you noticing. You should also turn off file-sharing services if possible to limit the damage they can do.

5. Use 2.4Ghz Video Baby Monitor Using FHSS Technology
Now we all know that hackers eavesdrop by establishing a connection and spying on our device while our device transmits digital signals. It's crucial to stop that by using a technology called FHSS, short for Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum. The FHSS technology works by automatically switching channels to transmit signals in a random sequence quickly enough.

The Federal Communications Commission requires baby monitors to spread over 75 frequencies within 400 milliseconds to transmit signals, making it hard enough for intruders to establish a connection and hack into your baby monitor.

Part 6. Best Unhackable Baby Monitors in 2022

If you are tired of the tedious how-tos, why not check this editor's pick list of the most secure baby monitors. They are all non-wifi baby monitors, which makes them safer from being hacked. They have their own advantages as well.

For example, this model has 2x digital zoom features and the video feeds are still sharp even in dark.

If you would like to have a closer look at your baby while he/she is sleeping soundly but have no idea where to put the baby monitor stably and safely, this 4.3-inch baby monitor comes with a clamp on its camera so it's the best bedroom monitor of moms' choice. They love to attach the camera to the baby crib so as to have a closer look at their newborns and soothe them with the intercom when needed.

These tiny square baby monitors fit perfectly into your pocket when you are doing household chores but it's still working great with their outstanding features. With its 1150mAh built-in battery, it can survive long even if in an emergency your house is out of electricity together with its VOX power-saving feature.

This one with a mobile phone look is my favorite though. When I am wearing clothes without any pocket, this one is my favorite because I can use a cord and hang it on my neck even though my hands are tied with other chores. There's no neck pain at all as it is lightweight.


As you can see, even if your baby monitor is connected to the internet, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's hackable. The most important thing is to take basic steps to protect yourself and your child from these dangers, so they don't become a reality. An easier alternative to a most secure baby monitor would be to turn it into a video baby monitor that doesn't work with Wi-Fi. If you are still having any questions about baby monitors, please don't hesitate to come to us for help.


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