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22 Needles Knitting Machine DIY Hand Knitting Loom For Kids Scarf Hat Sock

22 Needles Knitting Machine DIY Hand Knitting Loom For Kids Scarf Hat Sock

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How to Knit A Hat
How to Knit A Flat Panel
How to Knit Socks
How to Knit Sweater
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Knitting Socks Parts

Perfect for:
Parents to DIY their very first knitting socks, hats or scarfs for little ones;
Children to enhance focusing with this learning toy;
hand-crafting lovers to get a new hand-knitting skill;

  • NEWBIE-FRIENDLY - Simple for even beginners;
  • TIME-SAVING - Takes 30 hours only 15 minutes to knit a hat;
  • COMPACT SIZE - Easy to organize when not in use;
  • 2 KNITTING MODES - For both flat or ring knittings needs;
  • ADJUSTABLE TIGHTNESS - Intense, moderate and loose weavings;
  • CLEAR VIDEO TUTORIAL - Tutorial on knitting socks, gloves and sweaters;

2 Knitting Modes Available: 

"P" for panel, to weave flat knittings such as scarves, bags, sweaters, pillows, etc;
"T" for tube, to weave ring knittings such as socks, hats, gloves, rag dolls, etc. 

1. This item is suitable for 1mm-3mm yarns;
2. The first lap is the foundation, remember not to rotate the handle too fast in case dropping any stitch.

Product Type: Circular Hand Knitting Machine
Product Category:
Knitting Looms & Boards; DIY Art & Crafts
Material: Plastic; Non-Toxic, Safe for children.
Design: Rabbit;
Color: Pink;
Needle: 22 needles
Size: 25*20 cm / 9.8*7.9 inch;

Package Includes:
1* Knitting Machine;
1* Knitting Yarn;
Yarns (Random Color);

Problems & Solutions: 

Q: I drop one of the stitches, should I start over?
A: There're different solutions to fix dropping stitches, just check this video to get things fixed.

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