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Immortal Daruma Unbreakable Wooden Toys

Immortal Daruma Unbreakable Wooden Toys

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What is Japanese Wooden Stubborn Toy?

A Japanese wooden stubborn toy (immortal daruma) is a Japanese magic toy designed on basis of the traditional Japanese daruma game. The unbreakable wooden man toy generally comes with a man face, a hammer and several wooden pieces in different colors. This magic wooden daruma toy will never break apart and can reassemble the pieces like magic. How? Why not uncover the mystery by yourself?


Item name: Unbreakable Wooden Man Magic Toy; Wooden stubborn toy; Mr. Immortal Toy;

Material: Wood
Gender: Unisex
Is Instructions Included: No
Size: One size
Age Range: 5+ years old
Features: Magicians
Performance Form: Close-up Magic
Type: Rope; traditional japanese toy;


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