Frequently Asked Questions | Baby Monitors FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions | Baby Monitors FAQs

No matter what your concerns are, you can find the answer here in this ChildAngle article: Baby monitor connection issues, mounting guides, transmission ranges, features explain, etc. No more confusion about where to put baby monitor, can the device prevents SIDS, whether to choose wifi baby monitor or non-wifi baby monitors.

Moreover, the list is still being updated and getting more and more comprehensive! Read on and get your questions solved!

What is a Wired Baby Monitor?

A wired baby monitor usually comes with a video camera and receiver (a portable LCD display screen). By plugging in the charger of the baby monitor, you can see your baby from the display screen, also called a parent unit. With the infrared LEDs, you are also allowed to see the baby in a dark space, hear when your baby wakes, and even talk back to your baby. There's no wifi needed to record images so this kind of baby camera is also called nonwifi baby monitor.

What is a Wireless Baby Monitor

A wireless baby monitor is the type of baby monitor with app control. There's no distance limit to check video recordings. As long as you've paired the baby monitor with your mobile phone, you can check back anytime you like. Of course, there are storage limitations, but you can use an external SD card to extend the storage to up to 128GB, various from different styles.

Wired or Wireless Baby Monitor? Which One Do I Need

After knowing the difference between wired and wireless baby monitors, you have a clearer idea of which one to choose. It all depends on your specific requirements:

  • If you have a big house and want to look after your babies in the playroom from the kitchen? Then both wired and wireless baby monitor works for you;
  • If you want to see whether the baby is all good with the babysitter, a wireless baby monitor will be great to check from your workplace;
  • If you don't have a stable wifi connection, a wired baby monitor will be great;
  • If you don't want any app installed on your phone, a wired baby monitor would be for you;
  • If you want to keep the video recordings for a longer time, a wireless baby monitor with an external SD card will be good;
  • If your toddlers keep running around in the room, a baby monitor with pan, tilt, and zoom feature will be a lifesaving option for you;
  • ...


Can I Use The Indoor Camera Instead?

Do I need a baby monitor? Or can I use an indoor camera instead? I will recommend a dedicated baby monitor because the baby monitor allows you to talk back to the baby only with the handheld parent unit or with your phone. Moreover, you can check the room temperature and play lullabies when your baby is crying. If there are unusual movements, you will get alerts from the device. It's much more reassuring when it comes to sleep training.

Can I Watch Recordings on My Phone?

If you choose a wifi baby monitor, you can watch recordings on your phone anytime anywhere you like.

At What Age Will My Child No Longer Benefit from a Baby Monitor

This depends on your circumstances and your choice. Some say a baby monitor is useful only for parents raising a little one aged 18 months to 2 years. But, in my point of view, even the parents of a toddler can benefit from a baby monitor. Even though a 2-year-old child is old enough to ask for help when needed, they begin at their age learning to crawl and walk around. It's more dangerous if not well looked after. A baby monitor mounted on the wall has a better viewing angle to check whether the toddlers have danger around them and prevent them in advance. You can also use the device to check in on a child of any age as well as pets, the elderly, and someone who's sick. So a well-made wifi baby monitor will be useful to you for years to come.

What Devices And Operating Systems Are Supported

ChildAngle video baby monitor works perfectly on any latest iOS and Android devices as well as Windows OS.

Is It Possible to Connect Multiple Devices At A Time

Yes, ChildAngle Baby Monitor allows you to monitor 4 rooms with 4 cameras and check them simultaneously on one display screen. For the wifi baby monitor models, up to 5 users at a time can check the recording with easy taps in the interface.

Can The Wifi Baby Monitor Work Abroad?

Yes, the application works anywhere as long as the internet connection is accessible. If you are traveling abroad, you just need to make sure that the Wi-Fi is connected successfully.

How Can I Monitor 2 Cameras On One Phone

To monitor 2 cameras on one phone, it is as simple as you did at the very beginning to pair the camera with your app. If you forgot how you pair the baby camera with your phone, check this step-by-step guide on how to set up a wireless baby monitor.

I Hear Strange Sound Echoes On The Parent Unit, How to Fix?

This usually happens when the devices are put too close to each other and recorded sounds loop. To make it easier understood, it is one device picks up the sounds coming from another device. To stop this, make sure that you've placed the parent unit, the receiver, out of the camera unit's hearing distance. And that echoes will disappear. You can also log in to the app to reduce the microphone sensitivity and the output volume of your device.

Why Am I Receiving Interference On My Baby Monitor?

There are two possible causes of interference.

1. Electrical equipment or large metal items; If put near the electrical equipment or large metal items, such as televisions, computers, routers, microwaves, and so on, you will hear interference on your baby monitor. Placed them away from each other to avoid interference.

2. Multiple walls between the sending and receiving devices; If you are using a baby monitor in a big house blocked by a few walls, this interference on your baby will occur, too.

Is It Possible to Talk To The Baby From The Parent's Device?

Yes, talk-back is possible. Both the wifi baby monitor and non wifi baby monitor models support two-way talk back features. By pressing and holding the audio icon, you can talk to the babies, soothe them and let go of the button when it's done. In this way, you can comfort a crying baby without getting out of your bed.

Is There A Night Vision Mode?

Yes, the infrared night vision mode is built-in in the camera. When the brightness of the room is low, the night vision mode will be enabled automatically to make sure you've got a clear and sharp view of the baby room.

Can I Measure The Temperature in The Baby Room

Yes, our baby monitor is compatible with multiple sensors for measuring the ambient temperature in the baby room.

Do I Need A Wi-fi Router to Use The App

No, there's multiple ways to connect the app and use the baby monitor even without a Wi-Fi router. First, activate the receiver device as a mobile hotspot in the system settings and connect it to the sender device. Log in to the app on the sender device and the IP address will show up. Enter this IP address on the receiver device and connect. And done.

How to Use the Power Saving Mode?

There's a built-in VOX feature in ChildAngle baby monitor. The screen will get darker when there are no operations within period of time. It is enabled by default to save the power of the baby monitor device.

There Is An Issue With My Camera, Can I Reset It?

Yes, there's a small rest button on the back or the bottom of the baby monitor, you can easily restore the camera to its default settings by simply hitting and holding down to the reset button until you see the change.

Can I Mount The Baby Monitor On The Wall?

Yes, we highly recommend you to wall mount baby monitor for many benefits:
1. Mounting your baby monitor to the wall allows you to see the baby room with a better viewing angle. More spaces of the rooms are covered and can be monitored.
2. Mounting the baby monitor on the wall can minimize the risk of the baby getting hurt by the baby monitor: Fall and smash babies on their face; Cables wrap around babies' necks and cause suffocation.

It's easy to mount a baby monitor on the wall. All baby monitor from ChildAngle comes with the wall mount bracket, screws, and anchor to help you mount the baby monitor in a stable position.

Will The Baby Monitor Work During A Power Failure?

Yes, ChildAngle wired baby monitors are electricity-powered and battery-powered. If electricity is down, the battery in the camera device is also a good backup to make sure the baby monitor work as normal for the coming few hours.

How Do I Clean The Baby Monitor?

You can use a soft dry cloth to clean the lens. Please bear in mind that never use abrasive or chemical liquids to do the cleaning in case hurting the lens.

How Much Radiation Comes from The Baby Monitor?

Almost all electronics items release radiation, including television, microwave, voice-activated speaker, mobile phone as well as a baby monitor. The radiation that comes from the baby monitor is 20 times below that of the cell phone in your pockets. So, radiation is not a big deal to worry about.

How Far Should The Device Be Located from My Baby

There's no need to put the baby monitor too close to the baby. You don't want your babies to grab the baby monitor from the desktop and fall and smash your baby on the face, right? About 2 meters (7 feet) is OK.

Can Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

All electronics items have the risk of being hacked, especially those that work with a Wifi connection. Analog devices are more vulnerable to hacking. If you are worried about the baby monitor hack, check this guide on how to avoid it. A quick suggestion is, use a non-wifi baby monitor.


Can Baby Monitor Prevents SIDS?

There's no proof of reports or certificate that any baby monitor can prevent SIDS. But it allows you to monitor the baby to make sure it is not visibly in danger.


What do I do in case of a defect?

Usually, this is not an item defect, but an incorrect installation that can be corrected with easy steps. We will go through everything with you and in most cases will be resolved. If it turns out to be a technical defect, please return the item as our customer service personnel guide you through it. We will fix the device as quickly as possible and send it back to you. Check here for the return policy and other frequently asked questions regarding your order.

If you are encountering any item defect, please email us ( and we will sort this out for you.

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