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Best Advent Calendar Ideas for Your Kids

In recent years, people are more a big fan of Christmas Advent. Especially after the emergent Covid-19 pandemic. We all keep social distancing and self-quarantine at home or even in our room for the past few months. Expecting this Christmas at your Grandparents'? Christmas Advent Calendar is perfect to countdown to Christmas. You know what's more unforgettable and expectable than one day of chocolate treats? 24 of them!

Next, we will break the article down into 6 parts to ensure you get everything needed to know about Christmas Advent calendar.

Part 1. The Traditional vs. Modern Advent Calendar

1.1. What is Advent

1.2 Traditional Advent Calendar

1.3 Modernized Christmas Advent Calendar

Part 2. How to Shop A Christmas Advent Calendar

2.1 Traditional or Modern

2.2 Hanging or Tabletop

2.3 Characters and Themes

2.4 Material

Part 3. Top Advent Calendar in 2022

Part 4. What to Put in Advent Calendar

Part 5. The Once-and-for-All Advent Calendar Set

5.1 Go for a Bundle Set

5.2 Make It A Treasure Hunt Game

5.3 Last-Minute Ideas

If you don't have time for reading the whole passages and would prefer heading to the advent calendar recommendation, just check this ChildAngle advent calendar ideas list for 2022;

If you've already get one advent calendar for your kids, this blog about what to put in your advent calendar will also inspire you if the countdown calendar doesn't come with gifts inside;

If you would like to know more about how Christmas advent starts, and evolve and other useful tips to shop the advent calendar, please just read on. You won't be disappointed;

Part 1. The Traditional vs. Modern Advent Calendar

1. What is Advent?

Advent is a Latin word means coming. It's a period before Christmas (usually between November 27th - December 3rd) to celebrates the birth of Jesus. Advent was first celebrated since the 4th century.

In the past, Advent was for Christianity to prepare for baptism. But as time past, Advent becomes the modernized anniversary activity to countdown to Christmas. It's more about anticipating for Christmas Day.

2. Traditional Advent Calendar
In the past, advent was more a religious event to count down till Christmas Day in a fun way.

Many traditional December advent calendar has a large rectangular cardboard with numbers written on it (from 1 to 24). Behind the cards, there are different stuffs such as a portion of story of the Nativity of Jesus, Bible verses, Christian prayers, or chocolate items. People reveal one card each day beginning on the start of the Advent season.

Some Christians even incorporate this activity as part of their daily Advent devotions.

3. Modernized Christmas Advent Calendar

The Modernized Christmas Advent doesn't start on the nearest Sunday to Nov. 30 any more. They start the advent calendar on Dec. 1st and countdown till Christmas Day. Long gone are the days that Christmas Advent is only a chocolate advent calendar that several Santa-shaped chocolate bars waiting inside the box.

Though chocolate and sweets still exist, the modern Christmas advent has a great variation of the Christmas Advent calendars designs. They come in a multiple forms: A simple paper calendar with flaps, a fabric pockets, a painted wooden box for small items... You can shop a empty or blank advent calendar and fill in up with your gift ideas. Check details in Part 5.

Though countdown to Christmas has changed a lot throughout the years, the same principle remains: Unveil a piece from the advent calendar as Christmas gets closer. We all love the ideas of opening a unexpected present per day until Christmas, don't we? When the kids unveil the calendar, there are multiple surprises inside: Tiny lovely stuffs such as kids' toys, beauty products, hair accessories, school stationeries, or even the activity-based options for the whole family.

It's more a gift advent calendar that makes countdown to Christmas more attractive and appeal to both parents and kids. Quite perfect to help build the anticipation of Christmas countdown for kids and make this annual event the best memories in their very early childhood.

Part 2. How to Shop A Christmas Advent Calendar

As mentioned above, time has past and Christmas advent calendar has extend to multiple variants. Let's go through the following aspects on how to choose and buy advent calendar that fits your need perfectly:

2.1. Traditional or Modern
If you're looking to keep the true meaning of Christmas in mind, consider a nativity advent calendar. A traditional nativity advent calendar features a winter weather and Saint Nicholas scene. Or, if you're seeking a more modern and personalized calendar, let's move on.

2.2. Hanging or Tabletop
A hanging advent calendar is typically a plastic, cardboard or felt advent calendar hanging on the wall or the door. One reason that I would put a wall advent calendar first is that we can keep the calendar neat and uniform by writing down the gifts name on a memo pads and put them in each pocket. In this way, our gifts selections will be wider and not be limited to tiny stuffs only. We just hide the large gifts somewhere safe in the house. Another reason why I would choose a hanging wall hanging advent calendar is that they are so cute that can also be displayed as a Christmas decor. So, why not?

A tabletop Christmas advent calendar is usually a Christmas tree shaped or house shape and made of wood. These wooden advent calendar with drawers are more durable and can be used as a tabletop organizers. If you are seeking a reusable advent calendar, this is without doubt your perfect choice.

2.3. Characters and Themes
To meet almost everyone's preferences, there are multiple theme patterns, such as Santa Claus, snowman, stars, Christmas tree, sleigh cars, elk, Christmas stocking, you name it.

Cloth advent calendar with quilted or plush are also welcomed by moms because they have comfortable soft touch and can easily cleaned up and reuse for years. Decor them with some string lights can also raise a festive atmosphere. 

In recent years, toys advent calendars are trendy as well. They are special toy collections for Christmas with 24 pieces/set inside the box. Children get one tiny pieces per day and till Christmas, it collects the whole set and got a happy Christmas playing with his toy set.

2.4. Materials

Paper advent calendar often involves tearing off each card a day while wooden advent calendars always come with a hinge to open. Fabric advent calendar are more lightweight and space-saving while cloth advent calendars are more a best advent calendar for toddlers.

There are thousands of advent calendar ideas to choose from. If you are not ready to made your own decision. Why not read on next part to see the editors' pick.

Part 3. Top Advent Calendar in 2022

It may be too early but not too soon to start preparing this Christmas for what we've gone through this year. Getting a cute family advent calendar is definetely a good start for this year's Christmas countdown. Here are our favorite designs to escalate the Santa holiday season anticipation.

Felt advent calendar or those made of non-woven fabric are lightweight and easily grabbing for younger kids.

Cloth advent calendar with quilted or plush are also welcomed by moms because they have comfortable soft touch and can easily cleaned up and reuse for years. Decor them with some string lights can also raise a festive atmosphere.

Wooden house advent calendar or tabletop decor calendar, or those with 24 drawers are popular wooden advent calendar among kids and their parents. They are durable and can still as a home decoration stuff when Christmas ends.

Some wooden advent calendar with drawers also come with burlywood enables your kids to DIY and put on their favorite color to make their countdown calendar cool and unique.

If you've got your kids a mini Christmas tree, this resin advent calendar that come with 24 Christmas tree ornaments are what exactly you are looking for. The ornaments are perfectly match a mini tree and your kids would enjoy hanging one ornament a day as they wish.

For parents they are raising a teenage girl, some alloyed jewelry advent calendar set will be not bad. These kind of Christmas countdown calendar always come with 1 or 2 golden or silver chain and 20+ jewelry pieces. Unveil them one by one and thread them into a necklace or bracelet are quite exciting and lovely. Some set also come with several pieces of earrings. It's loved by most teenage girls.

Part 4. What to Put in Advent Calendar

The vintage-style lovers will simply put Bible verse, prayers, story of Jesus, chocolate bars, candies or other festive stuffs inside or edible fillers inside. But if you are big fan of revolution and innovation who would prefer doing something new to make the annual advent event unforgettable, you might want to find some cute calendar fillers. We provide a complete lists of free advent calendar filler ideas for you guys to choose from.

The 200+ up-to-date calendar fillers ideas has covered everything such as that for kids of different age, different hobbies, even the low-budget ideas and last minute ideas. Things to put in advent calendar diverses a lot, let's just name a few:

For girls advent calendar, some lovely and cute princess costume, family matching pajamas or pinky toys, hair bands, unicorn pencil cases are perfect options;

For boys advent calendar, matching cars, rc helicopters, drones, pretend play toys and magic games are ideal;

As for filler ideas for school kids, I believe that a stationery advent calendar is exactly what you are looking for: Erasers, gel pens, sticky notes sets, crayons etc. are both delicated and affordable.

If you fancy of digging into more calendar filler ideas, please check the full calendar fillers checklist with 200+ Christmas advent calendar filler ideas!

Part 5. The Once-and-for-All Advent Calendar Set

Some allodoxaphobia, like I do, are afraid of making choices (especially when it comes to 24 choices). Even though we know by ourselves that getting it wrong is not a very big deal, we are just too nervous to make a decision and put it off till the very last minute. If you are one of us, this part is defenitely for you!

1. Go for a bundle set;
If you are too stress to make 24 choices, then just make 1, there are many gifts and small items come in bundle. For example, a 24PCS Ice Cream Toy Set, toy cash register sets, etc. These pretend play toy sets can be educating and cultivate hand-eye coordination of children.

I used to get one set of of this pretend play toys or some Christmas tree ornament set and seperate them into 24 portion. Your kids will get one piece or several, depending on the total pieces of the whole set. Then, on Christmas day, they just make it a set and we are able to pretend-play under the Christmas tree and have an unforgetable happy family hours. Not bad, huh? It works great to maximize our kids' expectation to Christmas day and of course, it is perfect when we are looking for a low budget Christmas advent calendar fillers idea.

5.2. Make it a Treasure-hunt Game
To make it more funny, we also hide the pieces in our house everyday and make it a treasure hunt game to let the kids find the pieces according to the hints on the treasure-hunt map we gave them. It's so much fun and we enjoyed it.

5.3. Last-Minute Ideas
If it is already too late to even pick out the bundle set for Christmas advent calendar filler, you can just shop for a all-in-one advent calendar set, which already has 24 selection included. They usually come as a themed advent calendar. Like dinosaur advent calendar, skin care advent calendars, etc.

Christmas advent is less religious nowadays. It doesn't matter if we like to celebrate Christmas advent in a much modern way. There's no strict rules for Christmas advent calendar. There are a great number of Christmas advent calendar designs for options: Wooden, felt, cardboard, paper, etc. We can choose the way we like to celebrate this big holiday. As for what to put in the Advent calendar, whom is this Christmas calendar for is what really matters. You can choose calendar fillers based on your kids ages, hobbies or the budget you prepare for this season. Also read this article for 200+ Christmas calendar filler ideas.

What else would you add to our list? Please share your ideas, we want to know! To explore more content, please visit ChildAngle official site.

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